Price: $140.00

Introducing the Bandolier bag by SSCY. The perfect bag for a day ride.  This is the bag for those light days at the park or a day ride when a hip bag is too small but a messenger is too much. Carry a sandwich, a map, an extra shirt, a camera, your ebook, a drink, an extra tube and still have room thanks to the diagonal expandable pleat. You can always easily access either pouch on the fly without dismounting from your bike or taking off the bag by just swinging the bag around like a traditional   messenger bag. Cinch it up like a messenger bag and it won't slide around while your ride. The bag is compact enough to wear under a jacket, particularly useful if you get caught in bad weather. But if do get caught off guard the bandolier is made of tough water resistant nylon that is PVC backed with an interior pocket made of the same stuff.

-   materials: velcro, water resistant 600x300 denier nylon with PVC backing, nylon straps  
-   each pouch is 13 x 11 x 7.5 x 2 inches (top width x bottom width x height x depth) (pouches have diagonal pleat for extra expansion)  
-   zippered interior pocket 10.25 x 7.25 inches   
-   main pouch has double zippers (to access from either side)  
-   pouch positioning is velcro adjustable  
-   1 inch wide squeeze buckle straps, straps can carry items as wide as 10 inches inches  
-   snap hook for easy buckling and unbuckling 
-   2 inch wide main strap for comfort  
-   2 inch ladder lock for quick loosening and tightening 
-   able to fit iPad, kindle, digital SLR camera  
-   pouches are designed to fold in half by sliding snap buckles through bottom loops  
-   able to carry a skateboard using straps (not recommended for long boards)  
-   proudly designed and produced in Brooklyn, New York